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Male Stars is the original website to see male celebrities naked and exposed. We have been documenting nude male movie scenes since the Internet was first born and we continue to get better. You can see just about any actor in the world if they've ever shown skin in a movie or Television show. Guys like Zac Efron, Hugh Jackman, Chris Meloni, Jamie Foxx, and so many more have shown their celebrity penis on the big screen. Just search above for your favorite celebs and see if they have ever stripped down naked. You'll be surprised at all the guys who have!

ryan-gosling-pissing1.jpgRyan Gosling Drunk at the Urinal
One of the most feverish male celebrities acting today is Ryan Gosling, so it's really amazing to see these pics of him. He's fully exposed as he drains his full monty and makes small talk with the guy next to him.
justin-timberlake-nude1.pngJustin Timberlake Back Yard Party
Justin Timberlake is so perfect that we get giddy every time we see him showing skin. When we came across these pics of him going in public, we almost didn't know what to do with ourselves.
chris-evans-cock1.jpgChris Evans Hacked Cell Selfie
Chris Evans plays the role of Captain America in the hit hollywood show 'The Avengers', but unfortunately doesn't show any skin. Lucky for you, we have his hacked pics showing him stroking his monty pyton.
bradley-cooper-pissing1.pngBradley Cooper drunk in the Park
Bradley Cooper gets plastered and is caught in public outside the hollywood bar. People say that he was so plastered and stumbling around. Bradley says he he doesn't even remember that night.
prince-william-peeing.pngEven the Prince Can't Hold It.
Prince William really is a prince, so it was shocking to see this pic of him. He's got his cyclops out and totally exposed. He is big, unfortunately, we will probably never get to see Prince William like this again.  His lucky wife gets to get that davey crockett every night.
Bronson Arrested For Pissing at LAX
Bronson Pelletier
of the hit show Twighlight exposed his dong in the middle of the LAX ... and took a lengthy whiz on the terminal carpet. Pelletier was charged with public intoxication and pled "no contest" to the charge.
Owen Couldn't Hold it while Golfing
Owen Wilson
is a huge fan of Golf – but what happens when you are in the middle of a game, you have to pee like a demon and it’s your turn to make the shot? You just have to whip out the nice big cock and let it flow.
Steve-O Pissing on Red Carpet
was feeling no pain as he did something not many stars get the chance to do, or even want to do for that matter. He pissed on the red carpet. Leave it to Steve-O, a man of no shame or fear to piss on Hollywood and their red carpet standards.

Bisexuality is not something that many male celebrities talk about openly. These six A-listers have discussed their sexual preferences and have admitted to being attracted to both sexes and rightfully so. It's all about the person, not their gender. Click through to find out what aren't afraid to say. See More Nude Male Celeb

Justin Bieber ... AGAIN
Justin Bieber posted a naked photo of himself showing his nude butt, as he looked off at the water from the deck of a boat. Bieber didn’t need to, but he captioned the photo “look.” His butt is remarkably non-tattooed.
See Justin Bieber Naked
American Ninja Warrior Nude
Dylan McDermont Nude
AMERICAN NINJA WARRIOR, the action-packed reality competition for buff dudes with something to prove. But wait! Would you like to see them nude and exposed?
We have them, and other hot athletes, all exposed. See them now.

Chris Hemsworth's Dash Cam Hacked
Cock Exposed!
Chris Hemsworth Nude
Chris Hemsworth interviewA new leaked picture of actor Chris Hemsworth has made its way to the Internet and it is SHOCKING! Apparently the dash cam of his car was hacked and the footage revealed him playing with his giant cock. The Australian born actor is the leading man in several movies, including Thor and Avengers. Don't miss your chance to see Chris Hemsworth's 10 inch cock. Watch now
vin sex tapeVideo footage has been found of a young Vin in a hotel room masturbating before he became famous and without any tatoos. He can be seen stroking his HUGE COCK. Damn Vin, you are not only packing big muscles, but an enormous celebrity cock. Another footage shows him in a shower with some other guy joking about droping the soap. This is a must see. Watch the video now click here
50 Shades of Gray - Jamie Dornan Nude !
Jamie Dornan Nude Jamie Dornan Nude
Jamie Dornan Nude
Jamie Dornan's '50 Shades of Grey' Gay Scandal hits the Internet. Nude pictures and videos have surfaced of him with some hot guys and lucky for you, we have them all! Some of his past modeling pictures have made their way online and reveal the actor's big dick and a lot more. There's also home pics of him cross-dressed and partying it up showing more than he ever expected. SEE THEM ALL NOW !!!
Harry Style's Selfie
Johnny Knoxville Nude
Harry Styles going completely insane! He just couldn't bear seeing Zayn becoming the headline of every piece of media. Se his all personal photos in the members area.
Taylor Lautner Nude
We never dreamed that we would get to see Mark Paul Gosselaar naked, but we have. See his long and uncut cock up close.

Male Stars - The original Naked Male Celebrity Site

Welcome to the greatest nude male celeb site on the Internet: Since 1996, we have been documenting every naked male movie scene imaginable. If a famous actor shows his penis in a movie or tv show, we've written about it. We have also covered naked athletes and famous musicians. So you'll see just about every male star alive.

Nude Male Celeb Video Clips and Pictures

Whether you like watching nude celeb video clips or just looking at pics, we have got you covered. you can find out who has a big cock in Hollywood and who is coming up short in this area. Browse through our collection of gay celeb movie scenes and see who was the most passionate. You may be surprised to see which male stars really like the gay celeb sex scenes.

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