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Craig Parker Nude
Thomas Jane Nude
Craig Parker
(Spartacus )
Thomas Jane
Joe Manganiello Nude
Ryan Kwanten
(True Blood )
Joe Manganiello
(True Blood)
Alfie Allen
(Game of Thrones)
Dylan McDemott
(American Horror)

alexander ludwig Shirtless
Robert Pattinson recently took it all off and appeared nude in a scene from the movie "Little Ashes". This is the first time the male celebrity heartthrob has bared his naked body.
Adrian Grenier is the star of the HBO series "Entourage" and is one of the hottest young actors in Hollywood. So far, his nudity level is minimal, but we expect it soon.
Ryan Kwanten as Jason Stackhouse on True Blood, Sookie's brother and the town's Cock-Hound. He'd fuck a snake if someone held it.

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Italian Stud and Amazing Actor - Is He Gay?
Antonio played a part in the movie "The Big Hit" where he gets completely naked in a locker room, exposing his big cock.
Kellan Luts Nude
Kellan Lutz nude Kellan Lutz nude
We've been huge fans of Kellan Lutz since his modeling days. When we heard that he was going to be naked in the movie 'Java Heat' we couldn't believe it. The twenty-eight year old actor shows his nude bum in a scene that you will never forget. This is acompanied by him being shirtless and showing off his muscles throughout the movie.
Marco Dapper full frontal Nudity
marco dapper nude marco dapper nude
Marco Dapper is an extremely sexy actor and male model with a nice big cock. He landed his first role in 2006 in the movie “Eating Out 2 – Sloppy Seconds” .The movie is known as the first American gay sequel. Half way into the movie, Marco sheds his robe and exposes his giant dick and tight ass. You will not see a male celebrity in better shape then this, especially posing completely nude. Playgirl offered Marco Dapper a contract, but he declined.
Adam Rickitt - IS HE GAY OR STRAIGHT? ?
Dicaprio Frontal
Adam Rickitt shirtless 1
Adam Rickitt shirtless 2 Adam Rickitt shirtless 3
Adam Rickitt has always been a male model, but later on in his life he developed a love for acting. He started out with a soap opera 'Coronation Street' and progressed into a few other roles. Later on, he joined a boy band and had a top song on the charts. Rickitt has a big gay following, but has always claimed that he was straight..
Dicaprio Frontal Nude Shot
Leonardo Decaprio NUDE photos taken by paparazzi.
Zac Effron Gets naked! Don't Miss Out!
Zac Effron nude Zac Effron nude
“High School Musical” star Zac Efron has grown up and gotten sexier by the day. In 2008, he was named in the “100 Most Beautiful People” list put out by the team at People Magazine. This rising young star has an amazing body and loves showing it off on the sunny beaches of Southern California. Zac has several upcoming projects in 2008, including his role in the new movie “17 Again”.
Dane Cook Exposed
See Matthew Nude!
Dane Cook nude 1
Dane Cook nude 2 Dane Cook nude 3
In a bold move at the Teen Choice Awards, funny man Dane Cook publicly called out Vanessa Hudgens for her inappropriate camera cell phone usage, ie. continually photographing herself in the nude and then letting said nude pictures make their way to the web for all to see. This was before Dane Cook had his own nude.
Matthew McConaughey Nude Shot See Matthew McConaughey and completely exposed now
David Beckham
Gabriel Aubry
Justin Timberlake
Soap Hunk
Jake Gyllenhaal
Jason Statham
Alexander Skarsgård
Ryan Kwanten
Jason Lewis
Jesse Metcalfe

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