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Zac Efron get's hotter by the day and was named in the "100 Most Beautiful People" list by People Magazine. We've got him naked!

Is it really that big? The Oscar nominee went from "Growing Pains" to Golden Globes and we've got the paparazzi nudes!
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Peter Sarsgaard nude
Peter Sargaard can flip from the homophobic thug in Boys Don't Cry to the sensitive and sensual bisexual in Kinsey in a heartbeat.
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Michael Fassbender's Nude Movie Scenes
Michael Fassbender nude Michael Fassbender nude Michael Fassbender nude
There's not a lot of actors that have done more full frontal nude scenes than Michael Fassbender. In the last few years, this male celebrity has shown his big cock on several occasions. We've collected every picture and video clip of Michael fassbender nude and we can't wait to show you.
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Russell Crowe gay ? - see him nude now!
russell crowe nude scene russell crowe nude scene russell crowe nude scene
Russell Crowe's gay icon status came after he played a gay man in The Sum of Us and skyrocketed after showing off his chiseled, barely-clad body in The Gladiator. This Australian beef continues to pack theaters with a powerful combination of tough guy roles, rock-hard body and frequent nude scenes.

For ten years MaleStars has been bringing you the best in nude male celebrities and now we are happy to provide you with our extensive movie collection. See your favorite stars exposed!

Top Nude Scenes
ben affleck nude
nude movie scenes

Jonathan Rhys Meyers
He's best Known as Henry VIII on The Tudors, but have you seen
Jonathan Rhys Meyers totally naked in Tangled?

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Paul Rudd NakedWhoa! Who knew Paul Rudd had such a big dick?! He's always the funny sidekick, but with a penis like this, he's definitely leading man potential.

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Jason Mewes Naked
The best part of Zac and Miri Make A Porno is getting to see Jason Mewes totally naked! Smooth-chested, tattooed and hung - now THAT's a movie scene.
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sexy movie scene
Mark-Paul Gosselaar & Natalia Cigliuti in a sex scene from Raising the Bar.
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